Curocell Encore Pressure Redistribution Mattress to Prevent, Protect & Aid All Grades of Pressure Ulcer Treatment, Made in India

Curocell Encore Pressure Redistribution Mattress to Prevent, Protect & Aid All Grades of Pressure Ulcer Treatment, Made in India

Curocell Encore Pressure Redistribution Mattress to Prevent, Protect & Aid All Grades of Pressure Ulcer Treatment, Made in India

1. Stop Suffering from Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcers, Curocell Encore helps prevent and aid for the excruciating pain you are forced to experience daily.
2. Lightweight Mattress & Quieter Control Unit with User Weight Capacity of upto 150 kg
3. Auto On-Off Compressor Unit with Variable and Constant Mattress Pressure Adjustment Modes.
4. Individually Replaceable Cells inside well protected two-way zipper cover that extends mattress life.
5. Washable & Reusable Low Friction Anti-Shear Mattress Cover. Maintain the Hygiene Well.
6. Non-interchangeable simple & error-free connector between Mattress and Control Unit.
7. User-Friendly Control Unit with Audible & Visible Notification for Caregiver and Users.

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Does your lifestyle require you to sit in one place for long hours? Are you the person who has been advised for strict bed rest? Staying in one position for long hours damages skin and causes pressure sores aka bedsores aka pressure ulcers. It can form due to lasting pressure on specific areas of the body where bones are close to your skin like your ankles, back, elbows, heels, and hips. If you are already suffering from excruciating pain, Arcatron Mobility just has the right solution for you.

Introducing Curocell "Encore" Mattress Overlay System that is invented in Sweden but proudly made in India. Mattress with digital control unit and mattress overlay system to prevent, protect, and relieves all grades of pressure ulcer treatments. Specifically designed according to the Indian conditions, has the most energy-efficient control unit which would consume just around 4.1Units/mo. Way lesser than the control units in its class. The digital control unit of the Curocell Encore Mattress Overlay System is much lightweight and quieter than its competitors. With a user weight capacity of 150 Kg, the auto on-off compressor works only when required, thus lasts longer than other regular compressor units.

With technological advancements, the mattress overlay system has VLP(Variable Low-Pressure Mode) and CLP(Constant Low-Pressure Mode) that can adapt to user requirements and provide maximum comfort. Along with that, the pump adapts to the patient's requirements with minimal effort. Useful for patients who require short and long-term care. Much discussed MaxFirm mode enables caregivers and clinicians to act when clinical intervention is required. The control unit sets the pressure cycle according to the comfort settings. Constant relief and smooth channel transition increasing not only the comfort of the patient but also relieves the caregiver from manually setting the cycle time.

Individually replaceable cells of the mattress overlay system reduce the maintenance cost and extend mattress life to many more years. Washable and reusable Polyurethane cover has low friction to reduce the shear force on the user. A two-way zipper provides additional protection by reducing the ingress of fluids. DC unit that works on a 12V power supply protects the user from electrical shock even if the cable snaps. There is a non-interchangeable quick connector with a CPR function to make a simple and error-free connection between the mattress and control unit. The control unit has soft friction hangers with much softer tips. Curocell Encore is a silent overlay mattress system with minimum vibration. The Digital control unit adapts individually and provides visible and audible notifications.

More Information
Country of ManufactureIndia
Model NumberCXIP02
Injury Category3
Weight Capacity (In Kgs)150
Inflating AgentAir
Care instructions

Make sure the pressure redistribution mattress has a weight of less than 150 kg on it, higher weight can damage the mattress as well as increase load on the control unit. Avoid sharp-edged or pinpointed tools/things to be kept on the mattress. Do not let kids jump over it while it's inflated.

Mattress Cover IncludedYes
Mattress Cover MaterialPU
Mattress Cover WashableYes
Cycle Time12 - 15 min
Pressure ModesVLP, CLP, Maxfirm
Operating Temperature10 °C - 50 °F
Operating Humidity<95%
Power Consumption4.1 units/month
Power Failure Management~10 hours
Built-in HangersYes